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10 Rules for Life

Here is our video that compiles the Personal Kaizen 10 Rules for Life.

10 Rules for Life

1. Maximize Your Natural Strengths

2. Take Care of Your Body and Mind

3. Be Proactive

4. Live in the Moment with a Positive Mindset

5. Experience Love and be Loved

6. Learn and Grow Throughout Your Life

7. To be Rich, Spend Money on What You Love

8. Give Back to Others

9. Develop Good Habits and Routines

10. Practice Radical Humility

Ideas for Action

We hope you have enjoyed considering our 10 Rules for Life and used the ideas for action and lessons to improve yourself and become a happier person. Here are some ways to continue to learn and grow. Review our 10 Rules and rewatch the video above:

  • Which rules are you currently following?
  • Which rules do you want to improve upon in your life?
  • Are there any of the 10 Rules you don’t agree with? Why?
  • What additional rules do you want to add? Please add these additional rules to the comments below.

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Upcoming Personal Kaizen Content

We hope you enjoyed our 10 Rules for Life series. We will continue to listen to your feedback and improve upon these rules. You can look forward to a dedicated website for the 10 Rules and also the possibility of a book . . .

10 Rules for Life at www.10rulesforlife.com

In the coming month, our team will shift our focus from a happier life to developing your leadership skills. We will explore leadership lessons and stories for Leading in Uncertain COVID Times.

Additional future topics include Experimenting with a 3-Day Fast and 5 Morning Routines you can adopt.

Please comment below on additional future topics you are interested in us exploring.

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