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Personal Kaizen 10 Rules for Life: Rule 8

Give Back to Others

The Personal Kaizen team is sharing our 10 Rules for Life. Please watch all of our videos beginning with Rule 1.

RULE 8: Give back to Others.

Helping others is a great way to use the Personal Kaizen 10 Rules for Life in a positive way (maximizing strengths, being proactive and present, experiencing love, learning and growing, etc.).

Giving boosts your physical and mental health and makes you a happier person. Studies show benefits include:

  • Lower blood pressure and stress levels
  • Reduced depression
  • Greater happiness, satisfaction, and self-esteem
  • A longer life!

Ideas for Action


The next time you feel depressed or disappointed about something you should volunteer to help someone else. Here are several ways to give back:

  • Volunteer to support a local charitable organization. Every community has needs including:
    • Serving a meal at a soup kitchen
    • Making a meal for a homeless shelter
    • Volunteering as a big brother/big sister
    • Cleaning trash from a public area or road
  • Donate your time to teach or coach kids. Everyone can do this – parent assistants are valuable even though they often know less than the kids!
  • Share your experience by joining a non-profit board as a trustee or director. One way to find opportunities is at this site.
  • Use your skills to make something that you can donate (arts, crafts, music, etc.). You can also volunteer at something that will teach you a new skill.
  • Donate your blood, hair, or organs.
  • Buy gifts for kids.
  • Donate with your employer.
  • Give money to a church or a charitable cause. Be sure to see if you employer offers gift matching – this can double your gift!
  • Raise funds for a charity. I helped my kids create a charity raffle when they were younger. We asked several restaurants to donate gift certificates and then created a sign and sold raffle tickets for the free meals. My kids and I raised hundreds of dollars for the charity they chose – the local homeless shelter.

Suggested Action: Identify one way you can give back that involves a spouse, child, or person in your life. Add this to your calendar so it gets done!

Please let us know what you think about this rule for life.

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