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Personal Kaizen 10 Rules for Life: Rule 5

Experience Love and Be Loved

The Personal Kaizen team is sharing our 10 Rules for Life. Please watch all of our videos beginning with Rule 1.

RULE 5: Experience Love and Be Loved.

Love is on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on the path towards self-fulfillment, meaning happiness requires experiencing love in your life.

There are several types of loving bonds that can be created in our lives:

  • Romantic love
  • Love between family members
  • Companion love (between best friends or pets)
  • Spiritual love

Love is a verb

Love is a verb; it is an action. If you are ever feeling less in love, the solution is to do loving things.

Identify things you can do for the people you love, both now and throughout the year, to cultivate the relationship and impact their lives. This can include sending a gift or card, calling to check in on someone, inviting someone to lunch or dinner, writing a small note of encouragement or recognition, or simply spending time together.

Be proactive! Small, positive contributions to the people around you will have a big impact on the relationship. 

Make these relationship boosters one of your “rocks” and prioritize them throughout the year.

Suggested Action: Identify one thing you can do for a person you are close to that will demonstrate your love. Do this thing in a loving way.

Please let us know what you think about this rule for life.

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