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Personal Kaizen 10 Rules for Life: Rule 2

The Personal Kaizen team is sharing our 10 Rules for Life. Please watch all of our videos beginning with Rule 1. Here is rule 2.

RULE 2: Take Care of your Mind and Body.

Develop good habits around eating, exercise, learning, and meditation that will last throughout your life

In the book “Getting There,” Warren Buffett writes, “Let’s say that I offer to buy you the car of your dreams. You can pick out any car that you want, and that car will be waiting for you at home. There’s just one catch: It’s the only car you’re ever going to get…in your entire life.”

“Now, knowing that, how are you going to treat that car?” he asks.

“You’re probably going to read the owner’s manual four times before you drive it; you’re going to keep it in the garage, protect it at all times, change the oil twice as often as necessary,” says Buffett. “If there’s the least little bit of rust, you’re going to get that fixed immediately so it doesn’t spread — because you know it has to last you as long as you live.”

This is exactly the position you’re in concerning your mind and body. You have only one mind and one body for the rest of your life, if you aren’t taking care of them when you’re young, they will fail you later.

Ideas for Action

There are numerous resources available concerning eating, exercise, meditation, etc. in books and on the internet. Here are a few simple behaviors to establish as a start:

Learn how to take care of yourself. Join the personal kaizen community for tips on making these good practices become a part of your life.

Suggested Action: Identify at least one way you can better maintain your body or brain. Create a habit statement that will support this goal.

Please let us know what you think about rule 2 for life. Here is our video for Rule 3.

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