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Work-Life Balance Made Simple With These 3 Rules

Trying to manage the perfect work-life balance can often be a challenge. This week the Personal Kaizen team shares a TedTalk by behavioral scientist and Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans, where she shares 3 rules for a better work-life balance.

3 Rules for Better Work-Life Balance

We previously shared a simple tool you can use to prioritize your life while also improving your work/life balance. This goes hand in hand with the 3 rules that Ashley Whillans shares. Let’s recap the 3 rules below.

  1. Reframe rest: Find ways to be present during time off instead of seeing it as an unproductive barrier. Treat the upcoming weekend like a vacation and create clear boundaries with work.
  2. Set team goals for personal time: Do it publicly, collect data, and hold each other accountable.
  3. Negotiate for more time: Savor your weekends and allotted time off by requesting an extension on adjustable deadlines.

We hope that this TedTalk has provided insight into how to reclaim rest and achieve a better work-life balance. Please comment below with the rule (or rules) you’ll be implementing into your everyday life moving forward!

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