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How to Overcome a Negative Mindset

As humans, we all experience negative thoughts that can easily lead to a negative mindset. The good news is, we don’t have to get stuck there (as discussed during our brain hacks series.) This week the Personal Kaizen team shares a TedTalk by Alison Ledgerwood, a social psychologist at UC Davis, where she explains why our brains focus on the negatives and how to overcome a negative mindset. Please check it out below.

Tips to Overcome a Negative Mindset

Overcoming the negative takes work and effort! Ledgerwood shares several tips to move past the negative:

  • Spend a few minutes reflecting on the positive things that have happened to you recently.
  • Get out a notepad and write down what you are thankful for! We suggest this as part of your bedtime routine.
  • Share the good from your day with others. Our family does this by “giving thanks” every night at dinner.
  • Take time to smile and be happy as you perform the above steps.

We hope you found this TedTalk on how to overcome a negative mindset insightful. If you found part of the video to be inspiring to you and your personal situation, please share it with the Personal Kaizen community by leaving a comment below!

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