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Celebrating Failure and Its Unexpected Success

Many people shy away from failure. There’s constant wonder and worry about what will happen to an individual when they fail, especially in their place of work. However, we’re here to confirm that celebrating failure can and often brings unexpected success. This week the Personal Kaizen team shares a TedTalk by the Head of X (formerly Google X), Astro Teller, where he introduces the “Moonshot Factory” where his team works to solve the world’s biggest problems, and celebrates failure as a necessity for success.

Important Steps to Success

In the past, we shared a post encouraging you to try out your big dreams, where we mention that many of our dreams for the future should really be tested before we add them to our plan. This is somewhat similar to the ideas mentioned by Astro Teller.

Here are a few tips from today’s TedTalk:

  • Run at the most challenging parts of the problem at hand first. Failures will often lead you to the path of success.
  • Shift your perspective. Sometimes shifting your perspective is more powerful than being smart or right.
  • Encourage the path of least resistance. Make it a safe space to fail and reward and celebrate failures. This can come in the form of hugs, high-fives, applause, promotions, or even bonuses.

We hope that this TedTalk inspires you to celebrate your failures and to create an environment that encourages the path of least resistance. Please comment below with your favorite tip from the TedTalk and let us know if you’ll be implementing it into your everyday life!

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