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Brain Hacks: How To Trick Your Brain for Maximum Effectiveness

Our last post explains how to use the power of our subconscious mind and visualization to help us achieve positive outcomes. This is the first lesson in a Personal Kaizen topic on brain hacks – simple ways we can use neuroscience to trick our brain for maximum effectiveness.

I’m about to share a brain hack that will help you feel more alert and awake in only 15 seconds!

Our Incredible Brain

I first began studying the workings of the human brain in 2005 after accepting a position as a Director of Operations for a medical device company manufacturing deep brain stimulating electrodes. I attended my first brain surgery that year at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and was amazed to watch sections of the human brain “switched off” by electrical impulses.

A few years later I conducted due diligence for an investment in a company that used implantable brain chips. The chips allowed your thoughts to control your actions, and early successes allowed quadriplegics to move a mouse and type on a computer. (FYI – I suggested we not buy the company since the technology was too raw to market.)

I have since discovered several ways we can trick our brain to improve effectiveness.

Brain Hack #1 – Wake Up!

Humans are designed to sleep with their eyes closed. When our bodies become tired, our brain is programmed to close our eyelids so we can rest and recover.

We have probably all felt our eyelids start to droop during a long meeting, boring lecture, long drive in the car, etc. This is our brain signaling that we should close our eyes and rest. But what if we need to finish the test or drive in the car for a few more minutes?

Feel More Alert in 15 Seconds

  • Look up. Make sure that you can do this safely (i.e., not while driving).
  • Keep your gaze fixed in this position for about 15 seconds. Your eyes should be fully open and your eyelids back. Don’t strain your neck.
  • Return your gaze to normal and notice that you feel more alert and awake!

Try It Now!

Feeling tired? Try this simple brain hack right now. Notice how much more alert you feel once you return your gaze to the screen.

Stay tuned as we will share additional brain hacks in the coming weeks!

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